SUSTER offers business to business R&D and consultancy services to the industry.

SUSTER’s mission is to create optimal processes by offering R&D and consultancy services to process industries. For this, we not only use our knowledge and broad experience, but we also have access to fully equipped laboratories and unique high pressure-facilities.


Experimental studies

The SUSTER team, with the help of a wide selection of experimental and analytical facilities, proofs the feasibility of a new process route or new chemical conversion. We can also evaluate and optimize the performance of existing process routes or chemical conversions or find root causes for possible process upsets. We do this in the safest possible manner in our laboratories using dedicated equipment and specialized devices.


Our team of researchers and consultants can provide you with new insights how to increase the profitability of your process, e.g. by reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials or the production of waste. Switching to renewable raw materials or waste valorization is often possible and will help you to contribute to a circular economy and to secure your license to operate. Our experienced team performs due diligence and technology assessment studies to help you evaluating business propositions.

Pilot plant construction

New pilot plants are often needed as an experimental tool to find the best solution for your specific wishes. SUSTER designs and builds mini plants with a capacity up to 100 kg/h that can be used to simulate your existing process or to test alternative process routes. These plants can be installed in our laboratory or at your site, whatever is most effective.


High Pressure Laboratory

SUSTER has access to the High Pressure Laboratory of the University of Twente where we perform most experimental studies. This lab was completely refurbished in 2015 and features the most modern equipment and safety systems enabling us to perform experiments at extreme conditions (up to 1.000 bar) and to work with toxic chemicals if needed in the safest possible manner. We always perform a risk assessment before we start experimental activities. Depending on the outcome of this assessment we decide if we will use a standard fume hood, a sealable walk-in box or a hermetically sealed high pressure box for our experiments.

Technical Workshop

SUSTER has a modern technical workshop at its disposal where the experimental set-ups are built that we need for our experimental studies. Here we can also assemble pilot plants with a capacity up to about 100 kg per hour to be installed in our laboratory or sold to our customers. Our well-trained technicians are certified welders and work with state-of-the-art tools.

Chemical analyses

For the support of our studies SUSTER has access to a wide range of chemical analysis techniques such as GC, GC-MS, TGA, FT-IR, UV-VIS, titration, GPC, HPLC, viscosimetry, elemental analysis (CHNOS), Karl Fischer, Conradson Carbon etcetera. If needed we can also outsource analyses to other parties.